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Facial Surgery in Tulsa, OK

Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers facial surgery to the residents of Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding Oklahoma communities.

What is facial surgery?

While many people will opt to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers or injectable solutions such as Botox®, others often opt for facial surgery to correct sagging skin or jowls. Full facelifts and mini facelifts are no longer the exclusive surgeries of celebrities. People from all over, including those in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding Oklahoma communities, now elect to undergo facial surgery.

Facelift surgery is designed to enhance and balance the looks of the lower facial area, so it will not get rid of forehead wrinkles. However, the surgery will minimize the look of creases underneath the lower lids or beside the nose and mouth. The top part of the face can still be improved by using the aforementioned cosmetic fillers or injectable treatment methods. Exfoliation in the form of chemical peels or microdermabrasion can helpas well.

Full facelifts are generally suggested for people 40 years and older, while mini facelifts are recommended for patients who are in their late 30s or early 40s. Mini facelifts get rid of the initial signs of aging while older patients opt for the traditional facelift to correct the loss of firmness in the areas of the cheeks and neck.

What is involved in a full facelift operation?

Facial surgery, also referred to as a rhytidectomy, is generally performed in the physician’s office or on an outpatient basis. A general anesthesia is typically used for a full facelift with mini facelifts performed using a local anesthetic.

When a full facelift is performed, an incision is made in the area of the temple in front of the ear. The skin is then lifted so that Dr. Whitlock can reposition the tissues and muscles underneath. During the procedure, additional fat or skin may be removed as well. The incision is then sutured or closed up with metal clips. A full face lift generally takes, on average, about three hours to perform.

In certain instances, liposuction may be performed along with a full or mini facelift to get rid of excess fat in the areas of the jowls and neck.

What to expect after facelift surgery

After facelift surgery, the patient will experience some swelling and bruising and will need to take a pain medication to alleviate some of the discomfort. The area will be bandaged for a couple of days. If sutures are used, they will be removed in intervals to reduce scarring.

Recovery occurs slowly and can take about three months for this kind of invasive surgery. After about three weeks, you’ll feel good enough again to go out and socialize.

Generally, facelifts last about a decade for younger or middle-aged patients and about half that time for patients who are over 60 years old. However, you still have to take in account the patient’s lifestyle, level of stress, and general habits.

An overview of the mini facelift

Mini facelifts are designed to provide an almost immediate improvement to one’s appearance in the mid to lower part of the face, and do not take nearly as long to heal as full facelifts. Mini facelifts generally take only a couple of hours to perform.

Mini facelifts are performed using one of two methods, either with or without endoscopic means. While non-endoscopic mini facelifts require more incisions, neither method carries the risk of scarring and complications that full facelifts do.

If you live in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or the surrounding Oklahoma communities, and feel you are a good candidate for a facelift, discuss the procedure with Dr. Whitlock. It usually takes about two hours to review your medical history and learn more about the process.

Whitlock Cosmetic Center performs the following facial surgery procedures for the residents of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding Oklahoma communities:

What is the Cost of Facial Surgery in Tulsa?

The cost of your facial surgery will be based upon the exact procedure, and the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your goal. Whitlock Cosmetic Center accepts PremierMedicalFinancing.com, MedicalFinancing.com, CosmetiCredit.com and United Medical Credit as financing options.

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