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Whitlock Cosmetic Center offers the IDEAL IMPLANT to the residents of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding Oklahoma communities.

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What is the IDEAL IMPLANT? IDEAL logo

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a new, innovative breast implant that combines the advantages of both a saline implant and a silicone implant to give the most rounded, smooth shape possible. The IDEAL IMPLANT has all the look and feel of silicone without all of the hassle. The look it provides really is in the name: IDEAL.

Why is the IDEAL IMPLANT revolutionary?

Unlike breast implant options of the past, the IDEAL IMPLANT presents a revolutionary implant structure that has never been seen before. The very first breast implant consisted of a silicone outer casing filled with silicone gel. The past 50 years have seen an improvement in silicone implants through enhancement of the quality of the outer shell and better firmness of the interior silicone gel. Aside from the outer casing, saline implants have undergone little to no change over the years.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is considered a “Structured Breast Implant”. This means that instead of just a single cavity of silicone gel or saline fluid, the implant is, instead, a compound structure consisting of multiple shells holding two lumens, each filled with saline.IDEAL Implant Image

Floating separately within the outer lumen is a baffle designed to restrict movement of the saline in that lumen. This baffle is made up of one to three baffle shells nested inside one another. Each is perforated with an opening so that the saline may move freely between the openings, around the shells, and between the shells. The inner and outer lumens can be filled with the saline before or after the implant has been placed. The implants are placed in pockets either under the breast glands on top of the pectoral muscle or under both the breast glands and pectoral muscle.

How Is This Implant Superior To Current Saline Or Silicone Breast Implants?

The IDEAL IMPLANT was developed as a result of women asking for a saline breast implant that provides the look and feel of a silicone implant. It provides the peace of mind of saline with the natural shape and results of silicone. The double cavity structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT means no bouncing, no wrinkling, and no spherical, fake appearance.

Why Would A Woman Prefer This Implant Over Current Saline Or Silicone Implants, Or Even Future Implants Like The Gummy Bear Silicone Implants?

Many women desire saline-only implants for the health and safety benefits they provide over their silicone alternative even though saline implants are known to wrinkle or ripple over time. In the past, the only alternative women have had for achieving a more natural look was to go with silicone gel-filled implants. Some women refuse to have silicone placed in their body, regardless of the cohesion of the silicone gel and the more natural-looking results it offers. In 2011, 31% of the women who underwent breast augmentation chose saline implants rather than silicone implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT was designed to meet every woman’s desire and need for a saline-only implant that gives a very natural-looking result.

Does The Implant Produce A More Natural Looking Breast, As Compared To Current Saline Or Silicone Implants?

This new double-lumen saline breast implant was created so the implant’s edge lies lower and closer to the natural sloping plane of the chest’s surface, providing a more natural contour to the chest than the traditional, single-lumen saline breast implants currently used.

What Are They Made Out Of, i.e., Do They Still Contain Saline?

The IDEAL IMPLANT is made using the exact same manufacturing process and materials as traditional saline breast implants. They contain only 100% saline fluid.

What Is A Double-Lumen? What Is An Internal Baffle Structure And What Is Made Out Of?

“Double-lumen” means that the implant has two separate spaces, both filled with saline. An inner implant shell defines the inner lumen filled with saline while the outer implant shell defines the outer lumen. The outer area is the area between the inner shell and outermost implant shell and also contains saline.

In the outer lumen, there are anywhere from one to three free-floating, perforated implant shells, acting as a baffle structure. Such a structure is designed to control the movement of the saline fluid to ensure there is no unnatural movement of the implant, rippling and wrinkling are kept to a minimum, and to provide support so the implant does not collapse when the patient is upright.

Does This Implant Look Any Different Than Current Saline Or Silicone Implants?

From the outside, the IDEAL IMPLANT looks like any other traditional breast implant. The real difference is on the inside, where the inner shell, outer shell and baffle shells are all nestled together to create the unique structure that really sets the IDEAL IMPLANT apart.

What is the Cost of the IDEAL IMPLANT in Tulsa?

The cost of IDEAL IMPLANTS will vary based on the size and type of implant necessary to create your ideal look and the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your goal. At your consultation, you will receive your no pressure quote. This quote includes all pre- and post-op clinic visits, the office fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee, and bra. The only non-included items are three affordable prescriptions. Whitlock Cosmetic Center accepts PremierMedicalFinancing.com, MedicalFinancing.com, CosmetiCredit.com and United Medical Credit as financing options. If you will need to finance any part of your procedure, it is best to pre-apply prior to your consultation.

If you live in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or the surrounding Oklahoma communities and are interested in IDEAL IMPLANTS, please contact Whitlock Cosmetic Center today.


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